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September 28, 2009

Gay Vampires

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I don’t know anything about Twilight and unless I’m going to get the world’s best blow job, I don’t see myself caring any time soon. Ashley Greene is apparently from that film about gay vampires and I think she’s good looking. But this is coming from a guy who beats it to meatloaf. To see if Ms. Greene stacks up to meatloaf, follow the source link for more pictures.

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You know what’s manlier than eating 93 Krystal Sliders in 8 minutes? Nothing. You killed a bear? If it wasn’t with your hands, you’re a pussy. Takeru Kobayashi reminds America that being fat is one thing and eating like a monster is another.

Kobayashi’s victory over Chestnut today before a live televised audience and a crowd of more than 10,000 puts him back on top of the sport he brought into the American mainstream more than eight years ago, only to see his star fall the past three years following several high-profile losses, including a loss to Chestnut at last year’s championship in Chattanooga.”

I’m kind of torn about his victory over American Joey Chestnut who finished with 81 Sliders. Part of me wants America to win, the other part of me wants Chinese people to win, since I’m Chinese. That’s neglecting the fact that Kobayashi is Japanese. Or a communist.

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September 26, 2009

Ohio Should Change Name to OHELLNO

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Featured Post by Shaka Laka on September 26 at 11:08am


Freaking Ohio. A fertility clinic put the wrong embryo into a very nice lady who decided to keep the baby and then give it up to the biological parents. Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?!

“The Savages” (their actual name, although it seems a misnomer since they are civilized and didn’t go ape on the state of Ohio) “said on Wednesday they never considered terminating the pregnancy or trying to fight for custody”.

The biological parents say they are “eternally grateful”. That’s great. I just hope that statement also comes with a car or something, that poor woman probably went through hell because of this dumb clinic. Lesson to learn: Next time you find yourself at the embryo store, make sure to get the right one.

The picture isn’t relevant, I just think it’s funny.

September 24, 2009

This is Nice

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While I previously stated that I spent a good chunk of my youth listening to No Doubt, I spent the other half touching myself violently to the Spice Girls, specifically, Melanie Brown. Maybe I had jungle fever, but there was something about her loud Leeds accent and her body that made me love her more than the other spice whores. Pushing almost 35 years old, she still looks fantastic promoting her lingerie line. Keep in mind that Eddie Murphy knocked her up and left her ass. Good for him. Follow the source link to see why I touched myself so much.

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September 23, 2009

Move It, Grandpa

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Featured post by WiiMan on September 23 at 11:21pm

I hate it when I’m in line at the supermarket and an old lady in front of me decides to hold up the entire line by pulling out her checkbook to pay for a few items. I’m almost tempted to pay for her groceries myself with a credit card just to speed it up – wait, that bottle of Centrum Silver costs 26 dollars? Forget it. That’s a deal breaker. Well, if you’re like me, you might be happy to hear this story:

“Whole Foods Market Inc. is considering banning the use of personal checks at its stores and stopped accepting checks at two stores in the Los Angeles area as a test. The heads of these chains see check processing as a time-consuming. ‘Since most of our customers pay with cash, debit cards or credit cards, we want them to be able to check out as quickly as possible.’”

Okay, I lied. I’m actually NOT that happy about this. Why? Although a ban on personal checks may provide customers with faster service, we have to remember that this is WHOLE FOODS we’re talking about. Which means that society will have once again caved in to the annoying class of self-centered, organic-obsessed, tree-hugging Whole Foods customers. You know exactly who I’m talking about – the pretentious MILFs in line who carry their yoga mats in one hand and a six-dollar box of blueberries in the other, while tapping their toe impatiently because they’re late for yoga class. PUHHLEEEZ. Let me do you a favor, ladies: the next time I’m in front of you in line, why don’t I just save you time by shoving my checkbook up your yoga-tightened asses.

For these reasons, I say let the old people at Whole Foods have their checkbooks. Seriously people, we should let the elderly pay however they want. Who the hell should care if it takes a couple of extra minutes? And what the hell is yoga anyway? A character from Star Wars? Give me a break.

The Right to Bear Arms

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Marlin Model 336C

Man, where’s all the good news at? You think having a gun in the house is a good idea? Me too. Except when it blows a hole in your daughters head.

An 8-year-old boy playing with a handgun accidentally shot and killed his 2-year-old sister in Vacaville today, police said.

The handgun used in the shooting was one of numerous weapons in the home, authorities said.

Police are investigating how the weapon got into the boy’s hands and whether his parents should face charges.”

There are countries all over the world that function without guns and shit. Oh well, guns are fucking American. So shoot your daughter in the head, or you’re a fucking communist.

[Source SFGate]

Damn Girl, Chill Out

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Special contribution from Alex on September 23 at 3:53pm

Chavonna Gough

There are some things that I would beat the shit out of people for. If someone insults my family, if someone intentionally treats me like dick cheese, you know, things that affect my honor. However, I would never assault a person, let alone my own kid, over a fucking pork chop. Enter Chavonna Gough.

Sacramento police have arrested a woman after she allegedly broke eggs over her 16-year-old son’s head and chased him with a knife — apparently because he ate the last pork chop in the house.

Chavonna Gough, 36, of Sacramento was booked into Sacramento County Jail on suspicion of endangering the life of a child and assault with a deadly weapon, both felonies, after the Tuesday afternoon incident in the family’s Meadowview home.

Police spokesman Konrad Von Schoech said the teen and his mother had been arguing all day.

“The shocking thing is that the arguing was over food — that the 16-year-old had eaten the last pork chop,” Von Schoech said.

As the arguing escalated, the mother is suspected of breaking eggs over the teen’s head and throwing a plate at him. The fighting got more serious when, police said, Gough went at her son with a knife.

The son tried to defend himself by holding his mother’s hands, but Gough bit the teen and then punched him, police said.”

Bitch, you crazy.

[Source SacBee]

“Japanese Erotic Game Uses Webcam for Boner Detection”

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I saw this story on Gizmodo and it made me poop myself.

How’s this for a bad idea: Japanese erotic game Love Death 4 is using face tracking and shape detection to add a nice dose of horror to the game’s already-questionable content.There are scant details for how it’ll work, and hey, maybe there are other shapes that an erotic game would want to detect other than the shape of a baby’s arm holding a crabapple. But I can’t think of any.

But hey, maybe this is a good thing! It’s innovation! It seems weird now, but when Natal comes out we’ll probably be using our boners to reload machine guns in Gears of War 3.”

Man, what can’t the Japanese do?

[Source Gizmodo]


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Gregory Williams

Gregory Williams, a double amputee, if you can’t tell by the damn picture, was shot with a Taser gun twice before his pants fell down and he was handcuffed by police officers.

The man who was Tasered, 40-year-old Gregory Williams, a double-leg amputee, spent six days in jail on suspicion of domestic violence and resisting arrest, although the Merced County District Attorney’s Office hasn’t filed charges in the case.

Williams, who was released from jail Friday, said he was violently manhandled and Tasered by police, even though he claims he was never physically aggressive toward the officers or resisted arrest.

Even worse for him, Williams says he was publicly humiliated after his pants fell down during the incident. The officers allegedly left him outdoors in broad daylight, handcuffed on the pavement, nude below the waist. Williams said the arrest also left him with an injured shoulder, limiting his mobility in his wheelchair.”

Fuck this shit. If police officers are going to take a fat shit on a black man with no legs and no pants, I don’t want to imagine what they would do to non-pants-less non-black handicaps like me. Probably turn me into a black man with no legs and no pants. Good job, America.

[Source MercedSunStar]

Put This On

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This shoe was designed by British architect Julian Hakes. It’s made out of carbon fiber and I think it’s been titled the Mojito Shoe. Personally I think it’s kind of sexy. I don’t imagine it’s for common folk though, you know, like poor people. Like you.

[Source Gizmodo]

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