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September 11, 2009

Mom Bangs Her Own Son

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You know that famous Shakespeare play where that king gets rid of his son because some prophet told him that his son was going to kill him? But the mom fucks it up and just sends the son away, rather than killing him? Then the king crosses roads with his son years down the road, and the son kicks his ass and kills him? And then the son some how miraculously finds his mom, doesn’t recognize her, then bangs her? Actually, I don’t even know if it was by Shakespeare, it may have been by Hawthorne. Or Kurt Vonnegut. Either way, this story is kind of like that.

Waterford Township police say 35-year-old Aimee Louise Sword used the internet to track down a teenage son she gave up for adoption years earlier and had sex with him.”

All right, so maybe they aren’t that similar. But that’s some sick shit. Actually, maybe it’s not that gross, maybe if it wasn’t his mom, she doesn’t look that bad. You ever wonder why all those little kids get molested or sexually assaulted by an ridiculously attractive older woman/teacher/neighbor, then rat them out to the police? These women are raping the wrong kids, there should be a club where they can have sex with little boys who are willing. I’ll be the president of that club.

[Source MLive]


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  1. hell yea hit me up when u make that club

    Comment by gup — September 12, 2009 @ 12:02 AM

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