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September 13, 2009

We’re Heading in the Right Direction

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Featured post by Christian on September 13 at 10:38am

Finally! Rich white men from South Carolina are actually making some money for standing up against those damn lying nig—African Americans. Maybe our country is actually moving in the right direction. We don’t need health care for bums and illegal immigrants; we just need black people to stop being filthy liars. That’s what will really ease the US budget woes and solve our health care crisis. But Joe Wilson’s outburst is especially worrisome because it has brought about so many supporters for his cause. I mean, if a white republican from South Carolina can’t trust a black man, who can? Now every white, religious, gun toting liberal from Texas to South Carolina has caved into the convincing remarks made by Joe Wilson and have turned republican. Many Fox News analysts/gold speculators (due to budget cuts Fox News has combined their news analyst and gold speculator positions as they have similar credentials) are predicting this huge swing in support to either push the republicans to a victory in 2012 or create the next gold rush off the coast of Alaska (the side where Sarah Palin maintains diplomatic relations with Russia from her backyard).

In response, all politicians have stopped kissing babies and giving speeches and have simply started yelling at black people in order to raise funds.

[Source NYDailyNews]


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