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September 22, 2009

Move Over, Spinach, Beer is Here to Save the Day!

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Featured Post by Shaka Laka on September 22 at 11:53am

A study shows that people suffering from traumatic brain injuries caused by a car accident have higher survival rates if they had alcohol in their systems at the time… So… it is basically saying : BEER –> GOOOOOOOD.

What they fail to emphasize is that people with less injuries (aka the Alkies) are also younger… so maybe their bodies can handle the trauma better. Just a thought.

Also, maybe the non-drinkies were the ones in the receiving end of a traumatic car crash caused by a drunkie… And as we all know, the person who does the crashing is usually the one with the less injuries.

I think the doctors and scientists behind this study were just a little too excited about having a legit reason for going to happy hour.

From now on, there is a new mantra, instead of “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk” we should now say:
“Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, unless they want their friends to raise their chances of surviving brain trauma should they get into a crash, which they probably will since they are drunk, uhhh, yea…. okay, so… HUH?!”

I think it’s catchy, don’t you? 😉

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