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October 15, 2009

This is Attractive

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A woman who stands at 5 feet tall, clocks in at 100 pounds, and eats as much as a tiger? Is it so wrong that I’m aroused? Juliet Lee is a competitive eater and makes me feel less manly. It doesn’t hurt that she’s kind of a MILF.

Lee, a 44-year-old Germantown mother of two and a busy hair salon owner, is also the 11th-highest-ranked professional competitive eater in the world…

This yoga-practicing suburbanite, who wears size zero jeans and shops the junior racks at Kohl’s, has eaten, for example, 34 hot dogs, 48 tamales, 22 pork barbecue sandwiches and nearly five dozen miniature hamburgers. All within minutes.

Find that hard to swallow? Try five pounds of ribs, 43 inches of cheese steak sub, 31 dozen raw oysters, 13 slices of pizza, 13 pounds of cranberry sauce, and 13 date-nut-bread-and-cream-cheese sandwiches. It’s all documented, much of it having aired on ESPN, Spike TV and YouTube.

Are you impressed? Because I have a boner.

[Source WashingtonPost and JulietLee]


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  1. hot.

    Comment by Hungry Huy — October 28, 2009 @ 1:47 PM

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