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October 29, 2009

Elizabeth Smart

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What happened to Elizabeth Smart is fucked up beyond any rendition of the story I can tell or jokes I can make. I hope it never happens to anyone.

In June of 2002, then-14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her family’s home in Salt Lake City, Utah. In March of 2003 she was found alive, 18 miles away, with presumed kidnappers Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Ileen Barzee.

According to testimony Smart gave during a court proceeding, Brian David Mitchell entered her bedroom after she’d been put to bed by her parents. He held a knife to her throat and threatened to murder her family if she refused to quietly leave with him. Smart said that Mitchell then took her to a cabin in the nearby woods. Wanda Ileen Barzee was waiting there to prepare her for a marriage ceremony performed by Mitchell to make Smart his wife. Smart has said that she was repeatedly raped and assaulted during her captivity…”

What’s up with this backwards ass shit in Utah? They tied her to a tree and shit, these people were savage, sick, disgusting, and clearly not functioning members of our society. The most thought provoking comment she makes about all this is the following:

Despite everything she went through, Smart says that her faith never wavered – instead it ¬†provided her with the strength to persist: “I know that we do have angels on the other side that we don’t see. We’re never truly left alone in our darkest hour.”

I’m glad she’s safe now, but that’s kind of shitty of those angels. I mean she was sexually assaulted numerous times. Did those angels leave her alone then? And if not, do they like watching? You think about it.

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