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November 23, 2009

This Makes Me Smile

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Fuck Verizon Wireless and their gay ass commercials.

[Source Gizmodo]

Apple iPhone Ad – Did You See My Email? from Arik Hesseldahl on Vimeo.

Checkmate, dicks.

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Good to Know

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So I guess this would come in handy if you were in Antarctica. Or dead.

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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You know the guy who invented toilet paper? Genius. The guy who invented Hot Pockets? Genius. The guy who decided to haveĀ  unreasonably attractive super models parade around in underwear and lingerie for hours? My hero. Alessandra Ambrosio continues making overweight unattractive women want to kill themselves while having every straight man on this side of the universe involuntarily masturbate upon seeing her.

Just for kicks, here is Marisa Miller reminding you that there’s little that compares to an all-American blond haired goddess. Follow the source link for more fun.

[Source TheSuperficial]


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So I think we should stop being concerned at whether or not Lady GaGa is a man or a woman, and just agree that it is freaking disgusting. The creature and its costumes don’t even make sense. They aren’t even outrageous, they are just disgusting. It’s as if she takes a shit and then gets inspired by her shit to design costumes. Saturday Night Live made the joke that her costumes were made from just garbage, but it seems to be beyond that. Upon seeing an advertisement for Lady GaGa guest appearing on a late night talk show, my 40 year old uncle asked “What the hell is a Lady GaGa?” I don’t think I could’ve asked it better myself. I can’t believe I use to beat off violently to Lady GaGa. Well, I still do it, but it ends with me crying violently now.

[Source IDon’tLikeYouInThatWay]

What Happened, Kelly?

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I don’t know if this is Kelly Clarkson or some chick who thought she could become talented by eating Kelly Clarkson. I know she was a little heavy before but this got kind of ridiculous. Wait, how did she get thin and shit in the first place? I think it’s obvious. Steroids.

[Source IDon’tLikeYouInThatWay]

November 16, 2009

Give Me a Break

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Our president Barack Obama has caught a lot of shit recently for bowing to Japanese Emperor Akihito recently while on tour in Asia.

I don’t know why President Obama thought that was appropriate. Maybe he thought it would play well in Japan. But it’s not appropriate for an American president to bow to a foreign one,” said conservative pundit William Kristol speaking on the Fox News Sunday program, adding that the gesture bespoke a United States that has become weak and overly-deferential under Obama…

“We don’t defer to emperors. We don’t defer to kings or emperors, [said conservative voice Bill Bennett].

The gesture appears to have touched a particularly raw nerve among Obama critics who said the president has hastened America’s decline as a world superpower by being too apologetic and too deferential in his dealings with other world leaders.”

Please. Our world is on fire. The economy looks like a ravaged anus, unemployment is hitting record highs, we have wars on two fronts, and now we decide to shit our pants? President Obama bowed out of being polite and respectful. Remember when George W. Bush sent your son/daughter/husband/wife/father/mother to Iraq and got them killed for an unjust cause? That pissed you off, right? That didn’t make America look weak, no. It made us look idiotic warmongers. As long as people are scared, right? Japan took TWO ATOMIC BOMBS from us. I think we owe them a bow.

[Source Yahoo!]

November 10, 2009


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Ashley Greene Maxim

You know, after the Holocaust, the Vietnam War, the Bush Administration, and Swine Flu, I thought very little could be right in the world. Fortunately for mankind, Maxim recognized the beauty and potential star power of Ashley Greene. But of course, life is a love-hate relationship. One day, Ashley Greene is the girl of our dreams. The next, she’s just another rich snobby slut doing coke and flashing her vagina while getting out of a car. Until then, let us bask in this moment of joy.

[Source WhatWouldTylerDurdenDo]

November 7, 2009

I Support Beautiful Women

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Marisa Miller

Anyone who’s willing to take up arms and die for this country so I can be an idiot has my respect. They should be showered in money and breasts of beautiful women. I’m glad Marisa Miller supports our troops and you should too. Or you’re a fucking communist.

[Source TheSuperficial]

Are You Hungry?

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You know what I like more than a delicious meal? 10 delicious meals. Nothing says America more than over eating beautiful things and becoming morbidly obese. Follow the source link to be overwhelmed with confusion. Should you eat? Or should you stick your penis in it? You decide.

[Source Gizmodo]

Good Idea or Bad Idea?

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As entertaining as this idea may be, I think it’s kind of stupid because although it may make women feel more confident and attract more male mates or whatever the hell, the reaction is going to be like seeing my anus when you have to take that shit off. A guy is going to ask himself why he got naked to stand before another dude with no breasts. Sorry, ladies, stick with what you got.

[Source Gizmodo]

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