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October 29, 2010

Is This Beauty?

I have been using this site to express really sexist, ignorant, and absurd views on women, but all in humor and good fun. You can get the fuck out if you aren’t laughing. But as I’ve said before, despite talking about women like they are objects, like they serve no other purpose than eye candy is all really a big joke to me. It has actually reached the point of some minor concern. Case and point above, Ms. “Leslie Tang.” Now I have NOTHING against her specifically, I don’t know her, it’s really by unfortunate chance that her specific picture got picked. You can read her Tumblr below and enjoy. Just by briefly looking at her and her Tumblr, you may or may not get the impression of what kind of woman she is, was, and will become.

My concern is, “What is our perception of beauty?” How does that perception influence women in terms of how they behave socially, what they aspire to be, what sort of behavior and expectations they promote from their peers, and is it ultimately detrimental? It’s all bad to me. It honestly goes beyond self expression. This isn’t about “MySpace Pictures” anymore. This digital age of social media, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook has set short term goals for women.  It’s not about having huge tits or just being popular. It’s about having fans, followers, 15 minutes of fame, it’s about having a false sense of self confidence and independence.

“Because I have fans, because people like me, because I can express myself, and am ‘beautiful’ I will be successful.” That perception of reality is so skewed and worrisome. Here I am, ranting, commenting on what women should or shouldn’t do. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I have made the observation that all of us have, mostly men, the guys who invented the internet, social media, the ones who let us “express” ourselves behind a computer screen instead of face to face, have assured women, intentionally or not, that they’ll be all right posing in their underwear, lacking any real talent, or without setting any real goals.

Because after all the glitz and glamor, the night life and the drinking, when putting on make-up won’t put food on the table (because you’re good looking, but so are a lot of other people), when your self-expression and rebelliousness won’t pay the bills, and being a gold digger gets harder because you aren’t young anymore, your body isn’t as tight anymore, and someone more beautiful has come along, you’re fucked. The worst part is, it’s not completely your fault. You didn’t fuck yourself, everyone fucked you. When we have sites like “FuckYeahAZNGirls” (link below, enjoy), how are you going to keep up if you aren’t one of them?

Tangent: Girls on that site all look the fucking same. To make it worse, they all look great when the picture icon is small, then I expand it and it’s like, you aren’t very pretty up close. You aren’t really pretty when I see all the flaws that you accentuation by contrasting them with your make-up, hair, trendy glasses, and slutty clothes. You can fight the man, you can fight your parents, you can fight all those “losers” and “ugly people” in your school by being you, by being a gorgeous slut, by promoting self-destructive personalities, by thinking you are unique, but you can’t fight reality and time. What do you look like without all the make-up? Because when it’s all off, when you have to be you with the person you think loves you and you are fucking ugly, and you’re talentless and don’t have a beautiful personality to back it up: You are fucked.

Would I love to sleep with these women? Absolutely. That would be awesome. Would I love to eat a box of jelly donuts? Absolutely. That would be awesome. Would I like to have children with these women? To have good looking kids, sure. To potentially raise talentless children around a potentially worthless mother? Absolutely not. Don’t get me wrong! You know, I know, they know, we know that intelligent, talented, beautiful, caring, kind, compassionate women are out there. I have a feeling a majority of them aren’t posing in their underwear and counting how many followers or hits they have.

Women have worked so hard to get respect, recognition, equal opportunity, and then other women have perverted that right. It went from I can go to college to I can wear this slutty outfit. I don’t know what I’m trying to get across in this post. I will still put pictures up of attractive (some will have talent) people, I will still crack sexist jokes, I will still be in love with beautiful people. But that’s insignificant. I’m trying to follow my dreams, to pay my bills, to have children who aren’t fucking delinquents, to leave this society better off than I came into it. Cliché, I know, but it wouldn’t be cliché if people didn’t keep saying it for a good reason. It’s not about oppression, it’s about concern. You’re beautiful, but are you more than a pretty face? Have we lost a generation of women? Is my penis small? I think that answers itself.

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October 21, 2010


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Looks like Maria Sharapova decided to settle down and got engaged with Los Angeles Lakers‘ guard Sasha Vujacic. I have mixed feelings about this. Sharapova hasn’t played well in maybe 2 years now. In contrasts, Vujacic helped the Lakers win championships back-to-back. I’m worried she’s going to become complacent and stop playing professional tennis and just have like 4 kids. Maybe she could just start acting or become a model. I’d be all right with that. Or they could release a really awkward tall people sex tape. I’d watch it. Twice.

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My Freaking Hero

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Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is coming out with his book. FINALLY. I mean, this guy has a popular show, has his own workout videos, has a rap song, it was only a matter of time before he would finally write a book. Which I find a little difficult to believe because I thought he was illiterate. Just kidding, I love this guy, he’s seriously my hero if I didn’t have like real career aspirations. It sounds mean, but I say it because I love this ridiculous stereotype of a human being. I wanted to write a book similar to this, but it had nothing to do with physically working out or getting women. It was just about creeping, eating a lot, and masturbating. I figure someone out there needs insight on how to do that. Make sure you buy a copy when this comes out. This way he’s motivated to stay the way he is for years to come.

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You For Serious?

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So reports are going around that Jason Bratman (some Jewish record producer?) is beating the shit out of his (soon-to-be ex) wife Christina Aguilera. That’s ridiculous. She can sing like the craziest diva and she’s stacked like 300 pancakes. If she were my wife, the only thing I’d beat her with is my penis. How can you hit someone who is as talented and looks like her? Your involuntary reaction upon seeing her should either be whacking off or trying to motorboat her gigantic breasts. You fail, Jason Bratman.

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I Can Make You Smile

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Kelly Brook deserves all the attention she receives. If you were this pretty, I hope you are as recognized and as successful as she is. To be completely honest with you, I don’t even know what she does professionally besides look pretty. Like, is she a model? Does she act? Is she actually a chef or a computer salesman? I don’t know. It ultimiately doesn’t matter because with a face (and body) like this, she can do whatever the hell she wants. Except open heart surgery, I don’t trust her with that shit. Follow the link for even better pictures of her.

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Who in the world can afford a $2 million bra? My underwear was like $8 for a pack of 5. Here’s Adriana Lima modeling the most frivolous undergarment ever made. It’s cute I guess, but I’m sure Victoria’s Secret has more affordable options for women who aren’t fucking retarded. Good job, fashion world, you continue to be practical.

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I Like Glee

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Glee is sweeping the nation and I think in it’s second or third season. I totally do not care about this show, but I see why it’s popular. Besides having sluts like  Lea Michele pose in GQ, they sing awesome popular songs and it makes you want to sing along. Whether or not they are relevant is anyone’s guess. I didn’t even know there was a plot. The second episode I watched was about that gay kid. No idea. Oh, and the main character grabbed some girl’s boob? What am I watching? A musical porn? All right, fine.

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