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January 27, 2011

Seriously, Police?

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Like I said before, we are charging people for all the wrong crimes in America. Vikki Myers was caught masturbating topless in her car, but instead of charging her for public indecency (which probably isn’t fitting) or giving her a medal for being awesome, police found an unregistered pistol in her car and booked her for that. So random. Hey, police, why don’t you go catch the rapists, murderers, and child molesters? Last time I checked, that is serious shit. Beating off in your car? Who hasn’t done that? You? What are you? Gay?

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Awkward Much?

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So it looks like Facebook had some event thrown by it’s “founder” Mark Zuckerberg and Katy Perry was hired to appear. I don’t know if she’s wearing heels or if Zuckerberg is just a troll, but to be fair I think I would be just as awkward around someone with 34 DD breasts. Looks like they had fun and it looks like I fucking hate my life because I don’t work at Facebook serving as Zuckerberg’s personal penis massager. I’m available if Google needs to hire one.

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Damn The Law

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Incipio has this fucking sweet Nintendo Game Boy inspired case that they can’t sell due to royalties and trademark issues or something I don’t understand. That’s unfortunate, because these would fucking sell as many units as there are iPhone 4s out there. Nintendo, why don’t you just demand 50% of the product revenue and help us all out? Fuck you.

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1 Million Miles Per Gallon*

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I have always loved Japanese made cars. There’s something about their design, style, and interface that resonates with me. It’s probably because I’m Asian. More appealing, they give you like a billion miles per gallon. Just kidding, but here is Toyota’s Prius C (the C is for City) which is like the current Prius’ kid brother. It looks sporty and like a robot so I’m impressed. Toyota wants to start a green line built completely around the Prius, similar to how Scion is their sport line and Lexus is their luxury line. I’m debating if I want to wait for this car or get a Honda CR-Z. If I didn’t have to dress up like a boss everyday, I would just bike everywhere. Maybe that would help my fat ass shed a few pounds.

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January 11, 2011

There Are Worse People Out There

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So this is Rachel Ann Hicks. She is 36 years old, she is the mother of 3, and she is a sexual predator. She befriend some 13 year old boy on Xbox Live, posing as a 23 year old hot chick, and then it got serious. NBC reports that friendly banter progressed into

phone calls, texts and emails that sometimes included Hicks sending the boy sexually explicit images and movies.”

She would then go to this boy’s house in Florida and have sex with him while his parents were sleeping. I’ll be honest with you, in my experience on Xbox Live I’ve met some really funny people. I’ve always met an army of 11 year old kids who need to shut the fuck up. Why the fuck do parents let their annoying ass children play VIOLENT or SEXUAL video games along side the likes of a sick fuck like myself, or in this case, Rachel Ann Hicks? Not saying that I would ever go bang a 13 year old. That shit gets you thrown in prison. However, I think it’s bullshit because this kid, although he is a minor and may not know the repercussions of sex, PROBABLY enjoyed what this woman did to him. You can make the argument that he’s a victim, but I bet his penis felt like it was getting a reward. Anyways, I AM IN NO WAY promoting sex with kids. I do promote people like Hicks going out of their way to find people like me who will have sex with anyone.

To all the hot women, teachers, mothers who for some reason choose to have sex with minors: I look like I’m 12. Hit me up.

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Practicality Out The Window

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This is pretty freaking sweet. I love sushi, and more importantly, I love ikura. For those who don’t speak Spanish, that’s salmon eggs. Now I can have it as my iPhone 4 case all the time. Wait, how is this suppose to fit in my pocket comfortably? Wait, it has to sit on it’s FACE the entire time? This is one expensive accident waiting to happen. I appreciate the hard work, Japanese people. But much like your tentacle porn, anime porn, and eating dolphins, this too may not be that popular. You can follow the links and buy the impractical case for yourself.

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January 5, 2011

Is It Time?

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Samsung is releasing the Infuse 4G some time this year. As a long time iPhone 3G user, this gives me mixed feelings. I hear so much shit about the iPhone 4 in terms of hardware and software issues. It’s disheartening and takes away my confidence in buying whatever hot variation they may or may not release this summer. I’m sure Apple will work out the kinks and bugs and make their new phone desirable, but there are SO MANY other options. I’ve been a long admirer of HTC phones, they’re big and beautiful. Sadly, few companies can compete with the easy and streamlined (if not limiting) user-interface on the iOS. These other phones look great, people love the customization options with Android, and you generally get MUCH MORE (usually in terms of hardware) with other phone companies. I’ve paid for a lot of applications, have MobileMe, and have my entire life backed-up on my phone. I suppose I could ALWAYS use my iPhone 3G as a fancy iPod Touch. But how lame is that?

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