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February 26, 2011

Simply Breathtaking

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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I look at Adriana Lima in this picture and I can not imagine one person on this planet who would think she’s anything short of beautiful. It’s sort of sickening.


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Smell Like a Swan

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So Academy Award nominated actress Natalie Portman has a perfume out. Nothing makes whacking off to her feel more real than potentially spraying her perfume on a napkin or your pillow and semi-suffocating yourself with it while your pleasure yourself. If this perfume smells remotely anything like a Black Swan I’m going to have to line up and pick me up a bottle. You saw how Mila Kunis muff dove , this smell must be good stuff.

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Seriously, Entertainment World?

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Back in October of 2010 it was reported that child actor Angus T. Jones would be making roughly $300,000 PER EPISODE of Two and a Half Men.¬†Look at this kid. If you have ever watched the show you know that he just plays a gigantic moron. Believe me, I know that takes SOME skill and craft, but it doesn’t take $300K worth of talent. I would consider myself lucky to be raking in $300K a YEAR at the peak of my career. But that’s entertainment for you.

Unfortunately for him his dreams of being continually overpaid will be put to a halt because of Charlie Sheen’s fucking random behavior. Actually, it’s not that random, that behavior is really expected when you do cocaine and bang porn stars all day. Now that the show is on an indefinite hiatus I may never get to be angry at an unattractive, sort of talentless, overpaid child actor ever again. If I’m lucky though, Angus Jones will get some pointers from his TV uncle and walk down the path of prostitutes, drugs, and bad hair.

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