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March 31, 2012

First Ever MW3 Commentary

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March 27, 2012

Modern Warfare & Me

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I’ll be honest with you, nothing’s impressive about going 18-9. Sure, a 2.00 K:D is cool, but it’s not spectacular. Still, I often feel that the end result isn’t as great as the experience and journey getting there.¬†

Modern Warfare¬†and I go way back, being introduced to by my old housemate in college, but I really didn’t really get into it until Modern Warfare 2. It was a much more accessible and fluid, if not broken, game. My most memorable game was one on Rundown with my fellow co-workers from Apple. Unfortunately there’s no game footage, but I did take this picture with my crappy iPhone 3G afterwards because it was so amazing. I want to make it clear that I was in no way the best player on our team, but in the words of Bruce Lee “If I tell you I am good, I would be boasting. But if I tell you I’m no good, you know I’m lying.”

The game was very neck-and-neck. Kills went back and forth with no particular player dominating. I personally hated Ground War because it’s way too chaotic, spawning is awkward, and it’s far too easy to go negative. Still, our party was large and we had few options.

I thought we were going to lose and I’m pretty sure before I hit my memorable streak, I was 3-9 and hating my life. But with it winding down I unlocked a Predator Missile after killing 5 guys with my always trusty ACR. I killed 2 with that. Here comes my Attack Helicopter. Was the tide turning? 5 more kills from the Attack Helicopter. You hear that? The Pave-Low came in hot. The sky was filled with the sounds of gunfire and air crafts. Before I knew it: We won. The game winning kill? My Pave-Low. I was in disbelief, I received the “Transformer” title and the respect of my colleagues. Sure, anyone can go 18-9. But does everyone get shocked and amazed as I did? Probably not.

For fun, here’s another ridiculously silly game winning kill I got in Modern Warfare 3. I assure everyone: This was a total accident. I got the “Stickman” title for doing this.

What’s your most memorable moment? Share them in the comments below!

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