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March 27, 2012

Modern Warfare & Me

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I’ll be honest with you, nothing’s impressive about going 18-9. Sure, a 2.00 K:D is cool, but it’s not spectacular. Still, I often feel that the end result isn’t as great as the experience and journey getting there. 

Modern Warfare and I go way back, being introduced to by my old housemate in college, but I really didn’t really get into it until Modern Warfare 2. It was a much more accessible and fluid, if not broken, game. My most memorable game was one on Rundown with my fellow co-workers from Apple. Unfortunately there’s no game footage, but I did take this picture with my crappy iPhone 3G afterwards because it was so amazing. I want to make it clear that I was in no way the best player on our team, but in the words of Bruce Lee “If I tell you I am good, I would be boasting. But if I tell you I’m no good, you know I’m lying.”

The game was very neck-and-neck. Kills went back and forth with no particular player dominating. I personally hated Ground War because it’s way too chaotic, spawning is awkward, and it’s far too easy to go negative. Still, our party was large and we had few options.

I thought we were going to lose and I’m pretty sure before I hit my memorable streak, I was 3-9 and hating my life. But with it winding down I unlocked a Predator Missile after killing 5 guys with my always trusty ACR. I killed 2 with that. Here comes my Attack Helicopter. Was the tide turning? 5 more kills from the Attack Helicopter. You hear that? The Pave-Low came in hot. The sky was filled with the sounds of gunfire and air crafts. Before I knew it: We won. The game winning kill? My Pave-Low. I was in disbelief, I received the “Transformer” title and the respect of my colleagues. Sure, anyone can go 18-9. But does everyone get shocked and amazed as I did? Probably not.

For fun, here’s another ridiculously silly game winning kill I got in Modern Warfare 3. I assure everyone: This was a total accident. I got the “Stickman” title for doing this.

What’s your most memorable moment? Share them in the comments below!


January 11, 2011

Practicality Out The Window

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This is pretty freaking sweet. I love sushi, and more importantly, I love ikura. For those who don’t speak Spanish, that’s salmon eggs. Now I can have it as my iPhone 4 case all the time. Wait, how is this suppose to fit in my pocket comfortably? Wait, it has to sit on it’s FACE the entire time? This is one expensive accident waiting to happen. I appreciate the hard work, Japanese people. But much like your tentacle porn, anime porn, and eating dolphins, this too may not be that popular. You can follow the links and buy the impractical case for yourself.

[Source Strapya via Gizmodo]

January 5, 2011

Is It Time?

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Samsung is releasing the Infuse 4G some time this year. As a long time iPhone 3G user, this gives me mixed feelings. I hear so much shit about the iPhone 4 in terms of hardware and software issues. It’s disheartening and takes away my confidence in buying whatever hot variation they may or may not release this summer. I’m sure Apple will work out the kinks and bugs and make their new phone desirable, but there are SO MANY other options. I’ve been a long admirer of HTC phones, they’re big and beautiful. Sadly, few companies can compete with the easy and streamlined (if not limiting) user-interface on the iOS. These other phones look great, people love the customization options with Android, and you generally get MUCH MORE (usually in terms of hardware) with other phone companies. I’ve paid for a lot of applications, have MobileMe, and have my entire life backed-up on my phone. I suppose I could ALWAYS use my iPhone 3G as a fancy iPod Touch. But how lame is that?

[Source Gizmodo]

May 24, 2010

iPhone HD

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I’m pretty sure 90% of the people I know own an iPhone. Can you blame them? It’s awesome. “AT&T service sucks.” Yes, and so does your mom, and I’m actually thankful she does. In any case, if Apple follows its own trend, a new phone is due this summer. Luckily for me, I’m eligible for an upgrade in December. Wait, that’s at least 5 additional months I have to wait. I HATE YOU, AT&T!

This new iPhone looks sick though. To clear any confusion, it’s not going to be on the 4G network, I read extensively (overheard some random strangers) that no cellular company is currently implementing a true 4G network yet. Yes, Sprint customers, that means you’re being conned. It’s going to have a front facing camera, flash, a frying pan, guns, breasts, and will dispense money. I know you’re jealous, it’s all right, “I heard the iPhone was coming to Verizon.” Yes, I heard that too, 3 years ago, asshole.

[Source Gizmodo]

October 29, 2009

I’m Not Impressed

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The Motorola Droid phone is coming out pretty soon and it looks like my anus. People are concerned because Apple’s stock is dropping, fearing that the Droid would give the iPhone a run for it’s money. Maybe people are forgetting that Apple reported insane profit gains this past quarter, jumped 20 dollars in a day, and perhaps people are just cashing out. Stop panicking. When I saw this phone I wondered why it looked so familiar, and I remembered that I took a shit recently and saw a piece of shit that looked like this phone in the toilet as I was going to flush. All I have to say is if you’re going to try to beat a Ferrari F50 don’t bring your Ford Pinto.

Here’s a smart ass penis commercial they put out making fun of the iPhone.

I will dispense in an angry tirade why this commercial is semen.

1. Who the fuck cares if there’s not a real keyboard? This isn’t 1840, get over it, you crybaby.

2. Running simultaneous applications is really important right? I mean, how else are you going to know if it’s raining in Kentucky if you can’t take a picture of your dick at the same time? Oh shit, time paradox.

3. Wow, you have a 5 megapixel camera? 90% of people who use cameras have no idea what the relationship between megapixel and picture quality even is. Get a real camera, you cheap shit.

4. Customizing? I guess that’s important when you’re trying to be unique and every other dick head thinks they’re being unique… by buying the same phone as you.

5. What the statutory rape is a widget?

6. Saying “I don’t allow open development” is like saying “I don’t allow security instability.” Wait, is that a bad thing?

7. You need to take pictures in the dark? Why, trying to be a fucking pervert and take pictures of your parents fucking at night?

8. Seriously? No interchangeable batteries? When Apple just swaps you out a phone if your battery is shit? For free?

iDon’t think your phone isn’t a piece of shit, Motorola.

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