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March 27, 2011

Wonder Woman!

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I don’t know who the fuck Adrianne Palicki is, but she makes Wonder Woman look good. If this show is about her being hot and beating up bitches, I guess I’m interested. Television hasn’t been doing it for me since Heroes was canceled. Fucking NBC, make up your mind. This show better last more than 2 seasons. I hope other than being hot and having huge tits, she can fight and shit. I bet you no one is going to watch this garbage. Good job, NBC. First Conan, now this.

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May 10, 2010

Jay Leno Sucks

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NBC is full of shit. I have a love/hate relationship with NBC. They have produced some of my favorite shows, Friends, Heroes, Parks And Recreation, but recently they just waste money and ruin people’s careers. They’re like cocaine. Long story short, NBC called Conan O’Brien a liar in his recent interview with 60 Minutes. They said that it is untrue that Conan was let go instead of Jay Leno because Leno would’ve been paid more, citing that the payoff would have been identical. Unfortunately for them, it’s been reported that Leno’s payoff would have been $150 million. Conan received about $32 million. But after the embarrassment and stress, it might as well have been $32. Fuck you, NBC, keep your mouth shut and keep producing shows I like. Also, Jay Leno sucks.

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October 10, 2009

This Should Boost Ratings

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Madeline Zima

You can always tell a show is heading south when they do one of two things: Use fart jokes to drive the plot of one or many episodes, introduce unnecessary lesbianism. I will admit, I have been an avid follower of Heroes since day one but the show has really lost its way. There are so many plot holes, undeveloped characters, and other stupid shit that I don’t know why I even bother pulling my penis out before the show starts anymore. Recently, they introduced some disgusting ass chick as Claire’s new best friend and confidant in college. What the writers also did was make her look pale, fat, and boring. Apparently Madelina Zima, who I have never even heard about, but is apparently on the critically acclaimed Californication, has one fuck of a body (as seen above). So Heroes’ writers, your show is going to shit, and you choose to not use Madelina Zima’s body? Um, that’s like being hungry and instead of eating the gold caked New York steaks in front of you, you wipe your ass with them. I say get them all naked. I smell Emmy. To find reason to pull your dick out when you see Madelina Zima, follow the source link.

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