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February 3, 2012

Farewell, Japan?

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It pains to say me, but for years now researchers have anticipated a continual and scary population decrease to the great country of Japan.

New figures released by the government estimate people aged 65 and older will make up nearly 40 percent of the population of Japan 50 years from now. Even more troubling, the country’s population is expected to shrink by 30 percent, with birth rates showing little signs of improvement.”

The country seems to have little interest in growing big families. Commitments to work and the economy takes emphasis away from marriage and having children. It’s a country of aging elderly who have no one to take care of them but robots made by Honda. When the Empire of Japan vanishes into the ocean all that will be remembered are robots and really crazy pornography.

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January 27, 2011

1 Million Miles Per Gallon*

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I have always loved Japanese made cars. There’s something about their design, style, and interface that resonates with me. It’s probably because I’m Asian. More appealing, they give you like a billion miles per gallon. Just kidding, but here is Toyota’s Prius C (the C is for City) which is like the current Prius’ kid brother. It looks sporty and like a robot so I’m impressed. Toyota wants to start a green line built completely around the Prius, similar to how Scion is their sport line and Lexus is their luxury line. I’m debating if I want to wait for this car or get a Honda CR-Z. If I didn’t have to dress up like a boss everyday, I would just bike everywhere. Maybe that would help my fat ass shed a few pounds.

[Source TreeHugger]

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