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February 3, 2012

Desirable Indeed

Sofia Vergara was named AskMen’s Most Desirable Woman of 2012. There shouldn’t be any surprises. She’s absolutely gorgeous, extremely funny, and clearly wonderful to be around (as seen here on Ellen). She’s amazing on Modern Family and looks like she’s getting hotter with age.

In doing so, the actress beat out a number of younger leading ladies and newcomers to lead the Top 10, such as Victoria’s Secret favorites Miranda Kerr (#4) and Candice Swanepoel (#10), rapper Nicki Minaj (#5), and actresses Emma Stone (#6) and Scarlett Johansson (#7).

Meanwhile, perennial favorites like Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie were left off the list entirely in 2012. ”

Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel aren’t too surprising considering they’re both Victoria’s Secret models, but I have mixed feelings about Nicki Minaj (who’s talented, but not entirely desirable) and Emma Stone (who’s very girl next door). Aniston is still very pretty, but I guess you don’t get points for being crazy. As for Angelina, I liked her when I was a little boy, but I grew out of that after she adopted all of Nigeria.

[Source: Yahoo!, AskMen]


January 20, 2010

The Golden Globes

So I completely missed The Golden Globes. Some people feel like it’s a tune up to the Academy Awards, but if I learned anything from all the disappointment and undeserved awards many actors and actresses have received, none of this means shit. It all seems like just another opportunity to get a lot of rich celebrities together and remind us how they not only make much more money than us, but are much more attractive as well.

I don’t care how crazy Jennifer Aniston may or may not be, she looks good. It’s lame that she keeps making shitty films though.

Here’s Olivia Wilde being as beautiful as always.

Is it just me, or is Courteney Cox stacked out of her mind? She should win an award for looking this good for so long. Lastly, but definitely not least, Christina Hendricks.

Do you think she has back problems? Think about it. For more pictures from The Golden Globes, please follow the source link.

[Source TheSuperficial]

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