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December 31, 2010

Farewell, 2010

My devoted readers, as you know, 2010 is coming to a close. I don’t know about you, but this probably wasn’t the worst year of my life. At the very end of 2009 I found that I got into dental school so I pretty much had to make the most out of my life before slaving away for the next 4 years. I made a lot of new friends at my job and in dental school. I traveled to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. The Jersey Shore became MTV’s highest rated show ever. Katy Perry married that hairy clown.¬†Apple launched the iPad.¬†The iPhone 4 was leaked and then officially released. Michael Vick made a ridiculous comeback. Double Rainbow all the way across the sky and apparently everyone was told to hide their wives and hide their kids because they’re raping everybody out there. The economy is still shit, everyone who doesn’t like to look at the big picture hates Barack Obama, and there still isn’t a cure for cancer.

I hope nothing bad happened to any of my readers or all the good people in the world out there. For the bad people, get the fuck out. Die or go shoot yourself. I wish everyone the best luck, fortune, love, and happiness in 2011 and every year that follows. Thank you to everyone who ever wanders onto this page and chuckles even a little bit. Know that if you do just that, I’m that much less likely to blow my brains out.


September 22, 2009

Michael Vick Part 2

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Some sick fuck named Ryan Reeser beat the shit out of his girlfriend’s 6 year old, miniature pinscher, 7 pound dog. Apparently Michael Vick has inspired a league of extraordinarily huge douche bags.

Reeser dislodged one of the dog’s eyes from its sockets and left bruises in 13 places, Wagstaffe said.

The animal bled to death, and Reeser threw its body in a plastic storage container on Easton Drive in Burlingame. His girlfriend’s father found the body the next day.”

You read about dogs attacking people, and that’s tragic. Usually, it’s a large vicious animal. But when a grown man beats a tiny dog to death, that’s just serial rapist status. There’s no human instinct there. He’s going to serve 6 months in jail, I hope he gets his asshole realigned. Fuck you, Michael Vick.

[Source SFGate]

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