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March 27, 2011

Charlie, You Crazy

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I guess Charlie Sheen wasn’t kidding when he told everyone he had tiger blood. Isn’t that shit illegal? Aren’t tigers endangered? Regardless, Charlie Sheen is going crazy with this media frenzy blitz. I’m impressed and I feel like he can redeem himself and his career if he keeps this up for long enough. I’m not sick of Charlie Sheen yet and I’m actually kind of sad Two and a Half Men is indefinitely suspended. I hope he lays off the drugs and just keeps raking in the money. He didn’t want to hire me as his intern which was upsetting, but I guess if you put two guys in a room who both may suck each other’s dicks then you have a whole new set of problems.

[Source WhatWouldTylerDurdenDo?]


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